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Let me help you book your next job!

Need help booking work?


Let me help you fall in love with self tapes. If you are constantly fighting against a medium that is now the industry standard, you're only hurting yourself. And no one wants you to book that job more than I do. I WANT you to work; to get that feeling when you KNOW you've gotten 'the take'. It's my job to make that happen.


Whether you're needing a coach, are looking for a last minute reader, or something in between, I can help you book your next job.


With over 20 years experience working as a working actor, private on-camera acting coach and instructor throughout the country, I have helped actors ages 8 and up to book co-star, recurring, guest and lead roles on shows including Fargo, Stranger Things, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, 4400, Chicago PD, EMPIRE, The Big Leap, and South Side, as well as films and commercials. I have booked stage actors on everything from their high school musical to their first Broadway contract, and every single time it is a gift.


I pride myself on being able to help you send your best work, as well as teach you how to take control so they don't feel so daunting doing them from home.


Send your best work.
It's that important.

Every single time.


Contact me today!

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