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Let me help you book your next job!

Whether you're needing a coach for a self tape audition or are looking for private coaching, I can help you book your next job.


Just one audition coaching session will bring you immediate growth and improvement, and help to eliminate the bad habits that prevent you from booking work.


With over 20 years experience working as a private coach and instructor throughout the country, I have helped actors of every age book roles from co-star to guest and lead roles on shows including FARGO, STRANGER THINGS, CHICAGO MED, CHICAGO FIRE, 4400, CHICAGO PD, EMPIRE, THE BIG LEAP, RIPPLE EFFECT, LIGHTYEARS and SOUTH SIDE. I have booked stage actors on everything from their high school musical to Broadway, and every single time is a gift.


As a working actor, I pride myself on being able to help you send your best work, as well as learn to utilize self tape auditions to help casting really see who you are as an actor.


This is our opportunity to showcase what we'll do if they hire us. It's that important. Every single time.


Contact me today!

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