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Everything Fun You Can Possibly Do In Aledo Illinois (Feature Film)


d. Bethany Berg

Corri and Sara Are Famous (web-series)



Directed by Kyle Hamman/Jessie Fisher/Lili-Anne Brown/Antoine McKay

~Next up~ 

Start Without Me (Feature Film)


d. Joel Gretsch

Donut Boyz (Pilot)

Detective MacDougal

ds. Jenean Coleman & Adam Rudder

Screams From The Tower (Feature Film)


d. Cory Wexler Grant

Delta County (Indie Feature)

Angela Turner

d. Gloria Iseli

Sara Sevigny is a Los Angeles based/Chicago bred actor, singer, improviser, and playwright who is best known for her work as board member Edna Bunnin on EMPIRE (Fox). Sara is also half of the comedic duo, "Corri and Sara," whose YouTube series, Get In The Car, is available here. Their new series, Corri and Sara are Famous, has SIX glorious episodes, which you can watch here .

Sara also starred as Grace in the film 'Rogers Park' (Critic's Pick New York Times, 100% Rotten Tomatoes) as well as the hit web series 'Other People's Children'. Other credits include the movie The Christmas Thief (ION), American Auto (NBC), The Big Leap (FOX), CHICAGO FIRE (NBC), South Side (HBOMax) and the film, 'Cold War'.

A proud member of SAG-AFTRA and Actor's Equity, Sara has worked onstage with TheatreSquared (Fayetteville, Arkansas), Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Lyric Opera Chicago, Paramount, Broadway Playhouse, Chicago Children's Theatre, About Face, A Red Orchid, TimeLine, and The Hypocrites. She is also a Joseph Jefferson Award recipient for her portrayal of Sara Jane Moore in Porchlight Music Theater's production of ASSASSINS.


When she’s not acting, you can find Sara at the beach, audition-coaching and teaching on-camera classes, or at the dog park with her pup and her hubs. She also likes unsweetened green tea lemonade, in case you wanted to get her one. It tastes like sunshine.

Venmo: @Sara-Sevigny

Instagram: @Sara-Sevigny

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